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For all of you that work at Henley Risk Management who are not reptiles, you may have noticed that the office temperature has risen drastically since the clocks changed last month. I would like to point out that the rise in temperature in our office is disproportionate to the fall in temperature outside, in that the external temperature has fallen approximately 5c whereas the internal temperature has risen to the point where I can now fry an egg on my forehead. I am asking for your support and backing to try to bring about a sensible working temperature to benefit all at HRM. I thank you.


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    Simon Weston, Thailand

    8 years ago Comments: For fuck sake don't make the same mistake I did and get that thermostat looked at. I hear Ben Allen is now a sparky... but do bear in mind he also applied for the job of my co-pilot in the Falklands and turned up to the interview wearing a dress and fake mostache. And no, there's no relation between myself and Toddy Bear.
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    phil, United Kingdom

    8 years ago
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    Big Daddy Cordy, Reunion

    8 years ago Comments: turn up the heat on these damn mutherfucks water on the brain like ducks sweat upon the pit like coalmine Cum upon the tit like Connor on Jo time but not the Webster strictly the new flex Tallwa swap a licky for the man sex was it really worth it yes Burnett big on the luvvy duv duv but girl get tired of the rubber glove glove Who spot boomer on the fig vine NO FLASH PHOTO - spack him out big time proper
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