Amending the Recusal Law (28 U.S.C. Sec. 455)

This petition is a response to the conduct of a federal judge who taught at a university, was a board member of one of its research centers, received $5,500 to teach a summer course at a resort location in Greece, and presided over a series of lawsuits against that same university during the same period while never disclosing her association with it. When confronted with this conflict of interest, this judge refused to withdraw despite the canons of judicial conduct that indicate disqualification, and despite the recusal statute whose general language was ignored. Throughout the country, judges associated with universities are called upon to adjudicate cases in which those universities are defendants in lawsuits.

This petition adds specific language to the recusal statute that will compel judges to withdraw from lawsuits in which their university employers are a party. It supports the incorporation of Sec. 455(b)(5)(v) into the United States Code, Title 28, Section 455(b), which adds the following phrase to the existing recusal statute: "Serves as an instructor or on an advisory board of an educational institution that is a party to the proceeding."

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  • gerald clements she should be disbared

  • josh horvath Veteran 1962-1970 found that someone was receiving benefits using my navy reserve discharge. I went regular navy 1964.

  • Victoria Hitchcock the corruption in this country is beyond reprehensible. when the law is so flagrantly criminal in and of itself, it is time for systemic change. We the People are sick of it. We are tired of this whole sick game the elitists have played and cheated at all the while, but now this has been discovered, and so the shoe is on the other foot. Throw all these Hitlerian clone judges and others who go along with them, where they belong. In prison for a very, very, very long time, or forever, whichever comes first. How many lives have they destroyed? How can they even sleep at nite knowing their contrmptible criminal behavior has surely stunk up even the heavens at this point. I believe their is a manifest destiny at work in the world and the affairs of man. These soulless, heartless creatures will soon no longer be tolerated. Revelation, Timothy 2, the Book of Isaiah. What goes around always comes back around, they r not exempt from the real laws of the universe and spirit tho they erringly believe themselves to be so. They are pathetic and an embarassment to this nation.

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  • As signer of this petition, you join with others who believe that amendment of the Recusal Law (28 USC Sec. 455) brings us one step closer to the goal of "Equal Justice Under Law," a right promised by our Constitution but imperiled through the abuse of judicial discretion and the lack of public vigilance. See: