Trial for the McCanns

We are demanding a TRIAL in normal form of Justice for the Parents of Child Madeleine McCann.

This case alone, which is archived in Portugal, has cost the British public4.5 MILLIONS Pound Sterling so far. In a period of economic recession where a lot of sacrifices are made on the essentials, you might want to have a say, view accounts and demanda trialby signing this petition.

In May 2007, a small Child Madeleine Beth McCann "disappeared" from her holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz, Portugal. During the same night, her parents telephoned close relatives & friends with the "information" that Madeleine had been abducted and that there had been a "forced entry" to the holiday flat. Details such as "smashed window" and "damaged shutter" in the children bedroom were soon reported by this close circle to the media. Nevertheless, the TRUTH was soon established by witnesses, public and police: there had been no such thing as broken glass or a forced-in shutter. This was all lies: blatant, open andDELIBERATE LIES. All these contacts repeatedly told the media the same story.
With a set oftwolawyers, the couple escaped the normal legal procedure: on that Monday, they did not report their versions of events to a Jury in any Portuguese Court. Following this strange privilege of escaping justice, they were interrogated in a police station, along with their numerous friends. Curiously, their statements varied from person to person and date to date, contradicting each other. The story changed many times, the saga went on, donations and all, EVEN THOUGH MRS MCCANN/ HEALY HAD ADMITTED TOCHILD NEGLECT- but the Social Services from both countries found this "acceptable". Indeed, according to the parents and their friends, thethree children, all under FOUR years old, had been LEFT ALONE in the holiday flatwhile their parents enjoyed a meal and alcoholic drinks. "Turns" were established to go peeping or "listening" - as to check on the children... - and all that was "fine".Fine, or, perhaps if another Witness, Mrs Fenn, had not heard a Child cry for OVER an hour, from her own apartment above during that week. In all logic, this child was Madeleine.Fineif a child had not been "missing" after all...

Oddly, A PRIVATE Appeal towards a financial fund "to look for Madeleine" and a lot of media publicity seemed to counteract any outburst of suspicion. According to the police inspector, Mr G. Amaral, the police itself was "ORDERED" to treat these "customers" with utter respect. They wereHURTING. THEY wereGRIEVING. THEY werePRAYING. They were touring in Europe. The Pope trip in Rome was one memorable one, I don't think anyone needs a reminder. Finally, after much delay (why?) came the forensic examination results. Verdict:HUMAN CADAVER ODOUR. HUMAN BLOOD & FLUIDS. Previous events at work explained this, said the mother. As a "locum doctor", she stated that she had been in contact with SIX corpses (no less). No one seemed to ask her why she would wear the same clothes, not wash them AND go on a holiday with them. We don't buy it. The HUMAN FLUIDS in their rented car were "justified" by "rotten meat" and "dirty nappies", etc. But why didn't these desperate parents WONDER where all thesestrangeresults came from, instead of "explaining" them with idiotic assertions?

We can also rightly ask these parents why they did not devote time and energy to search for their daughter. They said that it was because theyknewthe child WAS abducted, yet what if the "raptor" had panicked and left the child anywhere, even perhaps very near? Wouldn't any other parent go looking for their child? Well, everyone else did. Of course "Maddy" was never found, not even a... body.Show me a body, said the father, laid back,and PROVE she's dead. Questioned in a media context about the CADAVER smell and the BLOOD, he smirked and casually answered: "Ask the dogs, Sandra". Well who would still believe these people? Why haven't they been approached regarding CHILD NEGLECT and LIES? And why are they still allowed to claim for donations, whereas they run nothing but the London Marathon and other charity races? Oh I tell a lie:they do run a BUSINESS "to find Madeleine", a very juicy one which is fueled with the free publicity that the media forever grant them.
Are you happy with so much public money spent by Great Britain towards this archived case? Over £4.5 MILLIONS of Tax Payers' money has been spent so far - and for what? This is £6,628 per DAY.

If you share my shock, you may sign and share this Petition. WE want these parents TRIED.




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  • christina cowin I am very sure that if the parents were normal working class or benefit claimants or one parent families from a sink estate they would have been jailed a long time ago.. the parents of Madeleine McCann need to be brought to account and admit responsibility for whatever has happened to that little girl and be punished instead of being given celebrity status... how did she disappear without a trace ??? ask the dogs ...

  • Jeff Swann Hope this helps I really do.... Anyone with an ounce of sense who reads the files and the statements should know that something is not been right about this since day one


  • Smith Smith COMMENTS

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