Treyarch should add split screen multiplayer to PC version of Black Ops 2

Treyarch has advised that supporting splitscreen modes for multiplayer in Black Ops 2 on PC wouldn't be practical. I have personally read several posts asking about adding this feature and most responses sound identical to Treyarch's response. It appears that there is a contingent of people who believe that the absence of this feature for the PC version is a problem and a likely even larger contingent who feel as Treyarch does. I submit that the belief that PC gaming must be done differently than console gaming is incorrect. I absolutely agree that most PC gamers will wish to continue to use a mouse and keyboard and their likely competitors will be somewhere other than in their living room (unless via a LAN party); however, it is unfair to those of us who use a PC in a setup very similar to a console (I'm on a 60" Plasma) to assume that splitscreen isn't practical. Please use some of the money from your obscene earnings off of this game to add this feature. Stop assuming that just because the majority of gamers wouldn't use a feature that it shouldn't be included for those who would.


  • noor that's not fair on us PC users. Treyarch
    that's double standards

  • James Tozer peoples reasons for not having split-screen on PC are stupid 1) "It is impractical due to screen size" I know people who use consoles that mostly use very small screens to play on them, 15" and smaller where as the PC gamers I know all use larger than 20" screens apart from one person who can't yet afford it. 2) As far as hardware goes, PC's can only experience the same framrate drop as consoles after all it will likely be a ratio that determines the FPS drop. 3) people say it would be cheating, it wouldn't be anymore cheating than split-screen on a console, yet they get i! and when playing zombies, knowing where your teammates are is a good thing!!

  • Geoffrey Ledger If consoles cant handle more than 2 Players, then 4 player Split-Screen would be more practical on PC as its a limitless platform.

    Could even work online in VS modes, if they just have 'Gamepad Only Servers' Then cross-platform those with consoles.

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