Justice for Sean Bell and his family!

http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/11/27/nyc.shooting.ap/index.html Sean Bell was gunned down in the streets by NYC Police Officers under the guise of self defense. It was his wedding day. He and two friends were leaving a club in a vehicle when police advise that they heard someone in the vehicle allude to having a gun. The officers emptied fifty rounds into the vehicle. Bell was killed, Benefield was shot three times and Guzman was shot 11 times. No weapon was ever located. Enough is enough and collectively we need to send a message. This is a start. Let\'s not let this be another case that is forgotten in a week. Let\'s tell our elected officials that the police MUST ANSWER FOR THIS.


My name is Zoe Carmichael and I am just a concerned citizen. It is time to address this maddness.


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    emmanuel simon, United States

    7 years ago Comments: If systematic racism, lower class exploitation, and religious finger pointing is immersed in this country. that unfortunately that means black, caucasian, middle eastern, and asain people, especiallly those of which, I consider poor and exploited, have no other choice but to march and shout at every national monument. We can't be lazy or forget. The media is flashing this crap about rev. wright and his constitutional right to speak in anger. Forcing two brothers to denounce one another. And yet here is what rev. wright is talking about in front of us. Fox news, abc news, msnbc news, have failed the poor and all other ethnic-american citizens. The masses do not have a freedom of voice. I don't want to hear al sharptons preaching or praying any more. Nicole Bell is whom I'd want hear speak out to the people. whether she'd know what to say or not. A question is asked on our t-shirts and car bumpers: what would jesus do Answer: He'd get MAD!
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    Marcelene Schaefer, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This is an utter miscarriage of justice and everyone should be outraged!
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    Tara Torres, United States

    7 years ago
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