Banning DHMO

Throughout history there have been accidental deaths and unexplained sicknesses. Scientists now have an idea of what may be the cause of these mysterious and unexplained phenomenon's. DHMO (Dihydrogen Monoxide) is a very lethal element that scientists have discovered in our food, water, and in the air around us. There are many contradictions floating around whether or not this chemical should be banned or should be allowed to flow around the world freely; the scale tips over onto the side where it should be banned more so because this chemical is highly deadly, many different industry's use DHMO, and DHMO causes Global Warming. To begin with, DHMO is one of the deadliest chemicals to come in contact with. The chemical is highly explosive and flammable. Anytime the chemical is consumed or ingested it causes severe, if not, life threatening injuries and sicknesses. Each year there are more than 3,000 deaths from the accidental ingestion of DHMO. Banning this chemical will help bring down the death toll and may even help save your own family. Secondly, many different industries use DHMO in their products. The Dairy industries use it to help keep their products from spoiling sooner than later. Many athletic companies use it in their protein shakes or their sports drinks, such as Gatorade. At least 9 out of 10 kids drink Gatorade throughout their life's. If you agree to ban this chemical out of all products it will raise the life expectancy of all children and adults. Finally, DHMO causes a severe expansion of Global Warming. No matter how many bottles you recycle or water you save, DHMO will put that amount of Global Warming back into the air. Global Warming is one of the world's top destroyer of plants and the polluter of air. Many kids are born with breathing deficiencies and whenever they come into the world, the air around them will be filled with the toxic contamination of DHMO. Banning this product will save the lives of children today, but also the life's of future children. Everyone has their own opinion whether or not this chemical should be banned or not, but the scale tips onto being banned more than any other. DHMO is a silent and deadly killer. Many different industries use DHMO in their products to help it, but instead end up harming their consumers. Finally, DHMO not only hurts the organisms that consume it, but also the environment that those organisms live in by causing a great deal of Global Warming. So, please everyone join me and sign my petition and allow this harmful and deadly chemical to be banned.


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