are you fed up with being told this is a free country and a democracy yet we all feel and know that this is a blatent liedo you feel this nanny state is going too far nowand do you think that it is a time for a radical overhaul of the way we live or are told to liveif so this petition is for you!i have a dream that one day we the people will be able to have a say in the way we live!i want electronic voting boxes put in each household so we the people can vote not for labour,conservative etc.. but decide for our selves by voting on issues our selves and doing away with these fascist parasitic M.P`s!lets do it and make these bloodsucking dictators redundant like they did to the minors in the 80`s and make real change NOW.all we need is an electronic box in each home connected to a central computer with YES,NO and abstain buttons and actually have a real say in what we want.either way this system is not working and it has to change NOW!please sign my petition if your fed up with the way THINGS ARE!


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    Corinne Brown, United Kingdom

    6 years ago
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    paul, United Kingdom

    6 years ago
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    Vernon Patterson, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: things have got to change, they can not stay as they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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