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I had this idea.
I think everyone on this site (a4p) has a love/hate relationship with filecloud.
It's one of the best file hosting services out there, but downloading a big queue of files can be a bit of a pain.

My idea is basically we provide torrent mirrors for all the anime.
Sure, it's gonna be a lot of work with all the existing anime, but once that's done, it's not much work per upload.

In my head, i imagine there'd be a torrent for each episode, and a torrent for the whole series (if completed).

"But our community is not large enough to benefit from this"
That may or may not be true, but i'd love to provide some seedboxes. (servers dedicated to seeding the torrents)
I am a bit of a server maniac, and i already have a couple of servers spread throughout the world. We could start doing this now if we wanted.
With this, we wouldn't need to seed ourselves, and potentially be caught by our ISP's (but doing so is still nice).


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