Toronto Commercial Crew Rate Increase

April 25th, 9pm We WON! Thanks to the dedicated crew members who signed our letter below, tonight CPAT has graciously agreed to give us our 10% raise effective June 1st. They have committed to working directly with crew representatives to advance our mutual interests, including: -an annual review of our compensation -timely payments for crew -crew/production working groups to address issues such as compensation, health and safety, terms and conditions, communications and PA issues. This has been an effective and positive way to make our voices heard. Our entire industry benefits from this dialog. Thank you for your support! ------------------------- The Commercial Technicians of Toronto would like to formally ask the Commercial Producers Association of Toronto for a cost of living increase in the form of a 10% raise effective June 1, 2006. The last rate change in 2000 came tied to a change to the basic work day which ended up as an overall \"raise\" of $2.50 per day. So realistically there has been no significant increase since 1997. According to Statistics Canada, since 1997 the Consumer Price Index has risen 21.8% (using Jan. 2006 data), and yet we are asking for less than half of that. The increase would bring ACs/Mixers to $46.20, Key positions to $40.70, Seconds to $36.30 and Thirds to $34.10. It should not be tied to a change in daily rate structures and is not negotiable; it is simply a reasonable cost of living increase. We know that the commercial business is more difficult to manage due to the rising dollar and shrinking budgets but the proposed rates would still be far below the U.S. and the rest of Canada. It is commonly known that the local unions have shown interest in organizing commercial technicians, but we have up to now resisted their attempts. Technicians are being forced to look at alternatives because they are unhappy with their daily rate and working conditions and wonder if unionization is the solution. Even though most commercial houses in Toronto are signatory to C.P.A.T. many of them ask for additional concessions from technicians when business is slow, and yet are resistant if technicians contemplate increasing their rates when it is busy. We should not bear the brunt of unrealistic budgeting, and are giving you ample time to incorporate these new rates into your quotes. The rate increase would average out to about $33.00 per person per day and on a typical commercial would cost about $400.00 per day To offshore producers, the commercial technicians of this city are well respected for their professional integrity and strong work ethic. We are the core of this industry and with our continued strength and support we will all have a healthy future. No one wants to see labour disruptions in the Toronto commercial business and this increase is a small price to pay for that labour peace. We are your Assistant Camera People, Best Boys, Prop Masters, Electricians, Wardrobe Stylists, Sound Mixers, Gaffers, Key Grips, Makeup and Hair Stylists, Grips, Continuity Persons, and Boom Operators CREW MEMBERS: PLEASE sign this letter by filling in the information below. To protect your privacy ONLY your position and comments will be shown on this site. Anything you fill in WILL be attached to the letter we send to CPAT. Let\'s keep those comments respectful. We will NOT send in this letter until a decent number of crew members have signed. You won\'t be singled out when you are part of this large group. UNITED we stand. (An extra $3000 to $6000 per year will be nice too!) :-) If, for whatever reason you can\'t sign your name, you can sign as Anonymous but at least include your Crew Position. It would be interesting to see if any above-the-line folks support us.


Toronto Commercial Production Crew


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    Comments: That ralely captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.
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    Comments: Lewis cates: Thank YOU for blowing-off steam. I think the steniments you expressed are shared by nearly all of us who are loyal Pontiac fans. I, too, think that GM would be foolish to not resuscitate Pontiac. It had such a large and loyal following, it was outselling Buick TWO-TO-ONE here in the US, and offered more models than did Buick. It was a strong, iconic brand. Let's hope that GM comes to its senses SOON.
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