Tootoo\'s suspension.

Save Jordin Tootoo. This is a petition to inform the National Hockey League that suspending Nashville Predators player Jordin Tootoo is unjust. The reason the National Hockey League suspended Tootoo is for a punch he threw and landed on Dallas Stars player Stephane Robidas. The punch was thrown in self defense as Robidas was charging Tootoo as retaliation on the clean body check Tootoo landed on Mike Modano. If Tootoo would not have knocked out Robidas Tootoo himself would have been laid out. The video is on youtube and the sports channels. Take a look at the replay and decide for yourself. If you agree that the National Hockey League should have left the issue be with the penalties that Tootoo received the night of the punch please sign this petition. To The National Hockey League, We the undersigned hereby would like to state that the suspension of Jordin Tootoo is unjust. We feel that justice has been served to Jordin Tootoo during the night of the incident with the penalty time served. Jordin Tootoo's action was in clear self defense. We feel that you proceeded as the media suggested and suspend Jordin Tootoo for games that were not called for. No one is touching on the issue that Mike Modano hit Jordin Tootoo with the intent to cause harm. We feel that the media blew the entire incident out of proportion. You should retract the suspension of Jordin Tootoo.


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    jkgzqgko, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    You bunch of Dumbasses!, United States

    8 years ago Comments: wow these petitions really work!! the fag only served 5 games of his 5 game suspension. oh yeah, who won the game on 3/31 bwahahaha you inbred nashville pussies.
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    Ron Burgandy, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Havent any of you Nashville folk heard of the code Its called respect for the players BY the players. Tootoo broke that code and he deserves not just a suspension but an ass whooping as well. I would have liked to see him try to pull that shit back in the day when players like Bob Probert and Tony Twist had a say in the matter when it comes to fightng and having your star players backs. Tootoo is a cheap shot artist in the same class as Chris Simon. Or don't you even know who he is Get yourselves educated on the sport before you go spouting off at the mouth like 8 year olds.
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