Tony Abbott Should Resign as Australian Prime Minister

This is a statement of non-confidence.

We the people of Australia do hereby firmly reject the Abbott Government and the Liberal National Party as our ruling body. We do not condone any of its actions henceforth, nor do we accept its values as our own.

We strongly implore the Governor General of Australia to dismiss the LNP Government before serious damage is done to Australia as a nation.


  • Neville Irwin He's not an Australian

  • Denise Due to the fact that Tony Abbott has broken almost 100% of his pre-election promises; the fact that the Parliament is run in such a biased way making it a pitiful try hard Democracy; the fact that this Government is either guilty or complicit with rorting the Public Purse; the fact that the Budget is completely biased against Australia's most needy citizens and that I am a soverign human being along with all Australian citizens; I add my name, without hesitation, to this petition calling on a Double Dissolution to be held immediately and as a soverign citizen, I expect this to be declared forthwith. As it is abundantly clear that we the citizens of Australia have been the victims of trickery perpetrated by this Government!

  • Roger Colclough This PM lacks any compassion.

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