tom luna's school reform

This is for tom lunas new "school reform" i decided to create this because i fugure i can get the word out on all these petitions faster.oh and send the link to all your friends/family                                                           -Adam lewis



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    McKayla Smith, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
    how old are you?: Less than 21
    what is your city/state/zip code?: 83646
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    Eugene Sedlewicz, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Luna has to go
    how old are you?: 80+
    what is your city/state/zip code?: 83703
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    Yvette Sedlewicz, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Superintendent Tom Luna is striving for a “ customer driven" education system. Sounds like Walmart to me. While gutting the Idaho education system, Luna has sketchy educational credentials. His bio states "attended" Ricks College, "attended" Boise State,"later" graduated from Thomas Edison State College, a NJ college for "adult students" giving credit for "work experience", etc. No major revealed. Businessman Luna, for "25+ years", was appointed to a number of 'patronage' jobs, none requiring any degree for that matter, as is common with 'patronage' jobs...only loyalty to a political party. Loyalty to political party does not impart insight necessary to run a school system with enlightenment, nor does "customer driven" education system pertain to schooling of children. It would pertain to running a logging company or big box store. Children are not consumer items on a shelf to shuffle around to make the store look good superficially. The superintendent's position should be filled by a standard job application for such a position including credentials pertaining to education, a PhD would be appropriate; previous work experience pertaining to education, and interviews by those in charge of such hiring. Election by politically motivated parties has no place in running a school system.
    how old are you?: 60 - 69
    what is your city/state/zip code?: 83703
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