Todd Johnson deserves the GCGA Executive Director position

Hello Greater Cincinnati Golfers,

Over the past several months a shakeup of sorts within the GCGA (Greater Cincinnati Golf Association) has occurred. John Reis has stepped down from his Executive Director role and contrary to many beliefs; Todd Johnson was not automatically named his successor. The GCGA board decided to create a committee to begin an exhaustive search outside of our region. Bottom line...Todd did not get the job. Todd has grown up in Cincinnati and spent the past 11 years dedicating his life along with his wife and two children to our sport and community. Over those 11 years as the Tournament Director I think we can all agree that our tournaments have shown the excellence we expect from our coveted titles. Whether you point out the simple things like the GCGA flags and tents or the larger tournament improvements like the online scoring system, Todd has consistently showed his ability through hard work and dedication to produce great tournaments.

This petition is our effort to show the Board of the GCGA that the Cincinnati community of competitive golfers appreciates Todd's efforts and believes he deserves the role which he was groomed over the last 11 years to earn. Sincerely, thank you for your consideration and support.

Best regards,

Bob Spencer


p.s. A full Board meeting is scheduled for Jan.9th where a majority vote mandates any selection so we have time to make our voice count.


  • Robert Gerwin well deserved

  • Kevin Hall The amount of time, energy anf effort put into GCGA over the years should not be overlooked. I believe it should be rewarded. Todd deserves the nod.

  • Mitch Mahoney As a former short term board member, I want to note this is Todd's position and his only.

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    Joe Wagner, United States

    1 year ago Comments: As a high school golf coach, I support Todd Johnson as Executive Director.
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    Andrew Acomb, United States

    1 year ago Comments: -
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    Ben Tilton, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I am literally sick to my stomach that this petition even exists. There is no one better for this job than Todd.
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Petition highlights

  • To all: Great news! The decision to award Todd Johnson the Executive Director position has happened. Many thanks to everyone for supporting Todd, and more importantly, supporting golf in the Greater Cincinnati region. We can look forward to many great years of tournament golf through the leadership of Todd...once this aweful snow finally goes away! Sincerely, thanks again to everyone. Best regards, Bob Spencer
  • To All: First off, thank you to the participants in the petition for Todd...our voices have been heard and I sincerely appreciate the signatures and comments. From my understanding, nothing has been set in stone as of today. I will update the petition as information becomes available. Thank you all again! Best regards, Bob
  • To All, We have collected 262 of signatures and achieved the goal of the petition. My plan is to submit this information to the Board tomorrow night with the goal of influencing the members to make Todd the next Executive Director. Sincerely, Thank you for your participation and I will update this site with the results of our efforts. Best Regards, Bob Spencer
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