To Un-Ban Sporcle

Dear fellow concerned students.

As you know the technitions of our school have blighted us with the banning of the quiz website, named Sporcle. This website was both a stimulating and enjoyable pass time in the Sixth Form computer room and so we wish for it to be unbanned. Critics may argue that it is a distraction, however, I say NAY! It has been proven to stimulate cognitive activity and mould the memory of young minds early in the morning. Furthermore it is our intention to use this website for educative purposes as well as a engaging way to pass the time in between lessons. This theory is proved in the thesis of the website - "Mentally Stimulating Quizes." People of the Lower and Upper Sixth, do not let your civil rights be abused in this malicious and un-provoked manner, sign this petition and see the tyranny of the Senior Management put to an end!


 Your fearless leaders, Big Al and Little Willy.



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    2 years ago Comments: Ah yes, I had remembered the hgsoate situation but not the throat-cutting. You are correct, but we'll have to agree to disagree on Fred. I feel like it technically counts that she comes back,' but the show's tragic force is dependent on the idea that she is truly gone. When she returns to console the dying Wesley, Fred's personality is explicitly referred to as a lie. I find it more interesting that (though Illyria may be drawn to Wes because of Fred's residual memories) Illyria herself feels grief for Wesley because he has become, somehow, dear to Illyria herself. I believe I read somewhere (but have no link at the moment) that Joss or someone working on the episode considered the Wes death scene to be *Illyria's* way of proving she loved Wes and needed to say goodbye to him properly rather than just a neat trick she pulled off by tapping into Fred's memories. Fred herself was not quite ready to tell Wes she loved him before dying, if you remember.
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