To Mayor Tommy Battle and City Council Members: Re: Ordinance No. 95-693, Chapter 5, Article IV. Sec. 5-48

The City of Huntsville promotes itself as a smart, green city; however, it is currently illegal to keep chickens within 150 ft of any adjacent residence. This effectively outlaws chickens within the city limits. The current ordinance needs to be updated, so that sustainability-minded citizens can safely, and legally, own chickens. A small number of well-kept hens are quiet and pose no public health concerns. These "productive pets" can also provide healthy, organic eggs and fertilizer for home gardens.

We, the undersigned, ask the Mayor and City Council to please relax the ordinance's distance requirement, and to establish a new set of standards by which chickens can be kept within the city.


The Huntsville Hen Alliance While we appreciate everyone's support, only residents of Huntsville should sign the petition. If you sign anonymously, your full name will only be visible to our admin, and will be presented to the city in print form. *YOUR NAME WILL NEVER BE VISIBLE ONLINE* Only signatures with a first and last name are valid. Signatures that lack either will be removed. Duplicate signatures will be removed. Thank you for your support!


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  • Cora Richard Relaxing the 150ft distance requirements would allow so many Huntsville residents to become more self sustaining. Huntsville is making strides to become a greener city, to become a progressive city. However, I believe that there may be some lack of research on the part of some of the council members and that personal beliefs may by standing in the way of sustainable living.
    Chickens pose less of a health threat than do dogs and cats. Chickens also pose less of a threat to noise pollution than a barking dog.
    My hope is the Mayor and Council will reconsider the distance requirement and truly help Huntsville progress into the community that is actually taking steps to lessen her footprint. Take action to move forward and relax the distance requirements.

  • Chris Williams The ability to own a few hens. Would allow me to provide organic food for my family. Chickens are the best way for a home organic gardeners to turn garden waste into fretilizer and control insect populations. When you add eggs you have the perfect gardenpet. This will allow us to be self-reliant, reduse our carbon footprint and save money. I would rather buy Chickens than Cemical fertilizers.

    Help us save Money!

    Thanks for your time.

  • Jennifer Britton If a city as large as Los Angeles CA can relax chicken laws, then a supposedly family friendly city like Huntsville should be able to do the same.

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