T-Mobile Uk To Update Sidekick 3/Slide Users Catalogs!!!

This petition is aimed at T-Mobile UK with a request that they update their Sidekick range of phones \'catalog\' much more regularly. People who have a pay monthly contract with T-Mobile and who have paid for this phone deserve to have regular catalog updates like all other networks in other territories often do. The big selling point of the sidekick 3/Slide is that it has the ability to receive updates via the phones catalog including ringtones and applications, currently t-mobile uk users only have around 10 ringtones in the catalog and one new app a month. T-Mobile USA have a much wider variety in their catalog, but in some cases they have to pay a one off fee or a regular fee to aquire them and im sure that if t-mobile Uk users have this option they wouldn\'t mind paying extra on-top of their monthly bill to aquire them. One major complaint is that the US version of the SK3/Slide has applications such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger built in as standard while the UK version only has AOL Instant Messenger (as does the US verson), we as PAYING CUSTOMERS would like T-Mobile UK to try and contact MSN & Yahoo so we too can have access to all the IM applications which we deserve (Majority of UK I.M users use MSN, then Yahoo then AOL IM so it would seem wise that both MSN & Yahoo take advantage of this) Once enough names have been collected, I shall forward to as many different people in T-Mobile as I can (be that head office etc.), also if there is sufficient support I HOPE to send to Danger, MSN & Yahoo. Thankyou for taking time to read this petition and feel free to e-mail me with any queries about the petition glenn055@t-mobile-sidekick.co.uk




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