The Legalization Of Marijuana in Canada

This petition is about gathering signatures of Canadian citizens who feel that the oppressive Marijuana laws in Canada are more damaging to our society than the drug can ever do. Marijuana is a surprisingly safe drug with little side effects and no related deaths contributed to it. Alchol and tobacco are far worse on society than Marijuana ever could be, and by keeping it illegal all the government is doing in giving money they could be making to drug cartels and gangs. Marijuana is currently the biggest cash crop many organized crime syndicates have going for them and the legalization of Marijuana will cut off that flow of cash and divert it into public projects that better the Canadian public instead of putting non violent individuals in jail for something that should have never been outlawed in the first place.


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    chelsah sigurdson, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: Decriminalize Marijuana in Canada
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    Scott Woodman, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: Legalizing would remove the majority of issues Politicians and people who want to keep it illegal have. I don't smoke pot but I don't think I have the right to tell someone else they are not allowed to smoke a natural plant, nor does anyone else. It is a choice every adult can make for themselves. I see the choice of someone else who wants to smoke after work or on the weekends recrerationally or for medicinal uses as their own and none of my business. I also see it as less harmful than Alcohol or Tobacco which seem to always be left out of the conversation when the topic of legalization comes around. Legalize it, tax it and regulate it so it can be purchased and used by consenting adults in a manner not unlike cigarettes or alcohol and with much less adverse effects from it's use. The biggest difference between marijuana, booze, and tobacco is that there is NO RECORD ANYWHERE that has ever been been able to prove or even point towards anyone of any age in any country being physically harmed or killed by the plant itself. It is harmless and should be treated like any other agricultural cash crop. It's the right thing to do and it's about time we as a country grow up and realize that.
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    Kevin Quinlan, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: Seriously overdue. Let's go, Harper!!
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