Increase the Vermont Tipped Minimum Wage!

We the undersigned Vermonters, urge the Vermont Legislature and Governor Douglas to support an increase to the tipped worker minimum wage. Currently, the tipped minimum wage is $3.65. This base wage should increase to $4.65 within a year. The threshold for who can be classified as a tipped worker should also be increased from $30/month in tips to $200/month in tips. Enacting such an increase will give a real raise to over 3,000 workers who currently rely on tips to be their main source of income. The tipped minimum wage has not increased in Vermont in over three years. We urge you to support an increase and vote \"yes\" on H.249. Give tipped workers a raise!


The Peace & Justice Center\'s Vermont Livable Wage Campaign is sponsoring the petition. The Livable Wage Campaign believes that all workers deserve to be paid a livable wage. The Peace & Justice Center (PJC) is a Vermont-based, non-profit, membership organization that works on the intersecting issues of economic and racial justice, and peace and human rights through education, advocacy, training, and non-violent activism. Created in 1996 by the PJC, the Vermont Livable Wage Campaign (VLWC) is a coalition of local living wage groups, non-profit advocacy groups, unions, and religious communities. The VLWC is engaged in research, advocacy, educational programs, and grassroots organizing in it\'s dedication to ensuring that every Vermonter receives a livable wage or income.


To learn more about the Vermont tipped minimum wage and current legislation, go to:


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    Rose, Korea, Republic of

    3 years ago Comments: Russ,Good comments, I think it might help to get to the root if you discssued the purpose of minimum wage. When we understand the why of a situation, the what and how come a lot easier. That's a lesson courtesy of Boyd K. Packer and David A. Bednar.Good post, I'm looking forward to more thoughtful insights from you on this.
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    Barbara, Russian Federation

    3 years ago Comments: i am a chinese girl from a faorcty worker who work in GZ,they getthe wage under 1000yuan. but if you work in an office or you are a teacher or a goverment employee, you will get about 2000-3000yuan per month. if you have any questions about china, may be I can help you. No one else know china better than memy e-mail is
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