Timeshare and Resort Consumer Protection Act

While vacationing with my family in Orlando we were offered \"free\" tickets if we attended a \"no obligation\" presentation. I was psicologically pressured to sing a contract and the reason I did it, is not that I am stupid (yes I was) They lied to me about the timeshare to increase in value, they lied to me that they would rent it for me (they had a lot of people in waiting lists) and they even lied to me about re-selling it with a gain...Now I am being sued, they will foreclose a \"property\" that really is not an Investment like a Real Estate investment, is \"just the right to rent a week whenever they please\" Never was disclosed that there was a risk involved on it and now I will be forced to pay them $20,000 for nothing or damage my credit and my family future filing in an bakrupcy court. I know I am not the only one on this and when I tried to find a group or some information about how to respond to this I could not find it anywhere in the entire wide world web. I hope to unite a lot of people that is on my situtaion a form a group to submit a law that will protect consumers from these professional con artists. In short words, they commited the following Acts: Misleading Advertising. Improper Selling Practices. Non-delivery of Goods or Services. Misrepresentation. Unhonored Guarantees or Warranty. Unsatisfactory Service. Unfulfilled Contracts.


Jorge Nunez




  • Anonymous I think the Timeshare business should be run out of business. They make big bucks off little people.They do nothing but lie,inform and committ fraud. Something wrong with this picture. Where is the protection for us little people?

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    Deanna Hopper, United States

    1 year ago State: New York
    Country: United States
    Comments: There needs to be a law that protects consumers from rip off artist such as time share sellers!! They promise you the world and after you sign, they don't come through on their promises and they move on to suck in another victim!! They are crooks and need to be stopped!!!
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    knalsziqeb, France

    1 year ago State: Maine
    Country: Liechtenstein
    Comments: EqtHGh lmdougvvjdeq, fdjhipmxptgj, raidrudphrbj, http://ckwfatmieeal.com/
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    filqnqqy, France

    1 year ago State: Idaho
    Country: Peru
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