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IT IS OFFICIAL….CLEARED BY UPS…CLEARED BY COLE COUNTY…ALL CHARGES DISMISSED…WE HAVE WON…TIM WILL BE BACK ON ROUTE MONDAY OCTOBER 6, THIS PETITION WILL CLOSE ON THIS DATE AS WELL…. MANY THANKS TO ALL THAT TOOK A STAND, WROTE LETTERS, MADE PHONE CALLS, SENT EMAILS, AND SIMPLY PRAYED……THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF EACH AND EVERY PERSON INVOLVED. As many of you are already aware, Tim Edwards our UPS delivery driver has been terminated by UPS due to an exchange of words with an officer of Lincoln University, Public Safety. Mr Edwards was asked to be quiet and did not, was asked again and failed to do so. He was admittedly out of line and has made appointments to officially apologize. This is not to place blame on either party but to examine the consequence vs. the offense. To stand by and watch this man lose his job of 18 years is not how things are supposed to work. His termination is currently being reviewed by Union representatives in hopes of overturning the UPS decision. In order for Mr. Edwards to receive proper representation it is important that character, and professional references be provided. If anyone can find the time to type a paragraph or two on his behalf, it would be greatly appreciated. If an actual letter of reference is not possible, please sign this petition acknowledging that Mr. Edwards has been of great service, an asset to the organizational operation of your organization. Please forward to anyone you believe to be willing to help. It has been brought to our attention that many comments have not posted. So that this does not happen please email duplicate comment to bfaulconer@live.com. Comments will then be printed and delivered to the Union representative for UPS hearing on Friday, Sep 26. **YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE** UPS HEARING DATE CHANGED TO TUESDAY SEP 30..INCIDENT NOW BEING COVERED BY KRCG CHANNEL 13 NEWS... AS WELL AS THE JEFFERSON CITY NEWS TRIBUNE….WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH 3 ADDITIONAL DAYS TO INFORM THE UNINFORMED...THIS IS NOT OVER..PLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORT, THANK YOU 26 September, 7.15pm update 41 petitioners, 21…very well written…one page ….signed…dated…delivered…. letters of reference…. both personal and professional….…some by petitioners…some not…..ranging from the start of Tim’s route in the morning…..to the end of his route in the evening….. Including, but not limited to… small, and large business, education at 3 different levels, practitioners of medicine, attorneys at law….….law enforcement at the highest state level…for a total of 3 separate state agencies…and one very persuasive teamsters union rep…being backed by entire union….WOW ***GOOD NEWS****CLEARED BY UPS, TICKET MAY BE DISMISSED BY COLE CO AS EARLY AS 10-1... BACK TO WORK, SAME ROUTE.....WE HOPE BY 10-2.....MANY THANKS TO ALL!!!!


Sponsored by entire community of Jefferson City, in support of Tim Edwards, UPS. ***GOOD NEWS****CLEARED BY UPS, TICKET MAY BE DISMISSED BY COLE CO AS EARLY AS 10-1... BACK TO WORK, SAME ROUTE.....WE HOPE BY 10-2.....MANY THANKS TO ALL!!!!


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    Latonja Gorman, United States

    6 years ago
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    Kathy Reinkemeyer, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Mr. Edwards is a fine person who truly cares about the students at Jefferson City High School. He is a courteous and a timely worker. His accuracy is outstanding. He speaks and brings smile to everyone.
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    Deja Knuckles, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Tim Edwards contributes both courtesy and professionalism on a day to day basis. 18 years shows a lot of dedication and commitment as an employee. To sit and watch this former Lincolnite lose his job is ridiculous. The consequences for his actions very harsh and hopefully his employment will be reinstated. I see him on this campus delivering mail everyday, always with a smile on his face. His consistency has made him very reliable. Tim is considered a member of the Lincoln family. He is even featured in the 2007-2008 yearbook.
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