Tigergaming unfair restore our gamesrooms

Once again without true thought or consideration to the thousands of loyal members of tigergaming some of whom have been members for two years and more, tigergaming has taken away rooms that we have come to enjoy playing and socializing with other members on a regular basis in. This is not the first time Tiger has made an unexpected and unwanted change. A few months back they arbitrarily removed 100k limit and no limit rooms in both Omaha and Hold em, citing to many disputes among members which it turns out was not the case according to discussions seen in many rooms following the decision. This time they have completely erased the no limit tables in omaha and have lowered them to low bet Pot and fixed limit tables. Gone are the 5k 10k tables and the high and hilo name tables most of us frequented. By signing this petition we are now saying enough is enough. We want our tables back and if you do not want us to take our loyalties elsewhere you will take this petition seriously. Failing that, be it known our intent then would be to take further action W are also prepared to boycott tigergaming and its affiliate sites if necessary.


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    Henry Willis, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I've been playing on tiger for 9 or 10 years & I think this stinks.There are some that have played just as long.We enjoy talking with each other.I have a Casino 1/4 a mile from my home, but I like playing with all my old friends on tiger.
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    shytie, United States

    8 years ago Comments: unreal, now tiger has taken away some of the copper tourneys,,so what do we do with the coppers is there anything else u would like to take away
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    Petition moderator, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: Since this petition is meant for people who are dissatisfied with losing tables they have come to enjoy meeting friends and playing on, as opposed to the high stakes or the all in lotto players reasoning as implied by negative commentators and that having been said is not a forum for discussion debate etc. those who disagree and come here simply to make silly commentary rather than support the petition, the solution is simple. Don't sign it and save your typing digits as those remarks have and will continue to be deleted.
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