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The Bengal tiger of India is one of just 5 remaining species of tiger in the world today. Their populations are declining at an alarming rate and are threatened with imminent extinction in the wild. These declines have continued despite the tiger being listed on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). All over India, key tiger areas are being destroyed for industrial concerns at the whim of politicians seeking to line their own pockets. The direct result is a country that loses an average of one tiger a day from its dwindling population to illegal poaching for trade, irreplaceable habitat loss and continuing prey decline. By destroying the tigers\' habitat, you are also destroying the environment that local people depend on for food and water. The tiger is a symbol of the overall health of India, its environment and its people. It


TigerAid is a non-profit organization working towards the conservation of wild tigers and the preservation of their natural habitat. TigerAid uses the Internet to empower people to take action in saving and protecting the remaining tiger populations in the wild. In alliance with Internet users, and many public-private partnerships, TigerAid is creating the largest global online community acting to protect an endangered animal. Our vision is that the Internet can transform the way people help an endangered species in its natural habitat. To find out more, visit us at:


  • Malia McCollister I'm signing because no animal deserves to be hunted like this. Tigers are beautiful creatures that should be cherished and protected.

  • Christiana Bentley I want my children to be able to have tigers in their books and mimicked in their stuffed animals. I don't want to have to explain what beautiful, powerful creatures tigers used to be. Save the tigers.

  • AnnMarie Hodgson The human species is the cancer of the earth

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