Thor The Dark World Director's Cut

Alan Taylor suggested here that fans campaign Marvel for a Director's Cut of Thor The Dark World. If you'd love to see a Director's Cut, please sign and spread the word! Help us show Marvel that there is definite interest!

We specifically are lobbying for a full Director's Cut of the film, like the studios did with Avatar, and not just a bunch of deleted scenes and extras spread among three or four "exclusive" Blu-ray editions. Few of us can afford buying four versions of the same film just to get all the whole story! We want to be able to see the full Director's Cut of Thor The Dark World, as Alan Taylor envisioned it, including the flow between what was deleted and how those cut scenes fit into the overall arc of the movie.

You can also check us out on Twitter at @Thor2DirectCut and on Facebook at



  • Anonymous I don't want that awful theatrical cut. I regret almost every moment of seeing that disappointment of a film. I want to see the real thing by Alan Taylor

  • Lope THIS!!!

  • Lotte Because a longer movie means better storytelling.

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    1 week ago Comments: Director's Cut would be awesome! PLEASE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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