Remove New (Full) Premium from The-West World 11&12

Murrough, from The-West Forums said what I believe is many players view of the new premium features implemented on the The-West. "I have problems with the premium features because they disrupt the competitive balance of the game; not only for those who look at rankings, not only for those who compete directly via combat or battles, but even the lonely adventurers who dedicate builds and slog through quests (the design and writing of which, let's be honest, aren't blowing anybody's socks off) for the satisfaction of accomplishing things that most others haven't, won't or can't. I do and always will believe that premium features on games should be generally limited to support.... improving the interface, management and organization, vanity features etc.... with minimal impact on the actual numbers or values associated with a player account. Automation is an excellent example of the type of thing players SHOULD pay for. Even the concept of DLC in most standalone RPG's involves getting more playable game, more access, even if it comes with some more unique gear. Skill points, energy refills and insta-completes are not added content... they're simply boosters that come, in most cases, at the direct expense of other players in the multiplayer environment. " If you are upset about the changes shoved down our throats on world 11 and 12, speak up here, at least we know the mods cant close this petition.

Copy and Paste this to twitter/facebook. Let everyone hear it.
Petition against the new W11 & W12 premium features on #The-West. @thewestnet has gotten greedy. Sign the petition.


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    Chaman Bahadur, Canada

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    3xitus, Turkey

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    Peter Koch Hansen, Denmark

    4 years ago Comments: This is a total disaster for the game. I hope, that it will never be implemented on the Danish and Swedish servers and on .net W1 and W6.
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