The NeoPets Team is Unfair!

The NeoPets Team (T.N.T.) of has gone around freezing and suspending long enough! A majority of users they freeze and/or suspend haven't done anything wrong. Even though there is a place where you can ask to have your account back, what do they even do about it I started a new account at 9:07am, April 15th, 2009, and was frozen on April 16th, 2009. I recieved no warning and no suspensions. I just logged in, and I was frozen, and it was for something I didn't do! Does that seem at all fair to you I think that if they're going to get you in trouble, they need to have proofe that you've done what they say you did. Users can just report you for nothing because they don't like you, and TNT believes them. By signing this petition, you're helping me get my lost account back, and you're standing up to T.N.T. This isn't only for me--it's for ALL NeoPets users who've been treated unfairly!



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