The Jena Six

The entire situation started in September 2006 and is still going on today. However, this incident is still only known at a local level. This takes place at a High School in a small rural area called Jena Louisiana. In front of this school a white tree is located, and there are only white students sitting under it. A black student (whom had enough respect) went to the Administration and asked if it was alright to sit under the "white tree. In return, they infomred him that he was allowed to sit anywhere. Therefore, he and his friends sat under the white tree. The next day three nooses were hanging on the tree (this is an act of dicrimination. Later, one of the main buildings were burned. Question: Was this the opposing students way of coming back at the administration. Later on one of the African American students (the one whom asked administration for permission) got beaten up by a group of opposing students. During the Saturday of the same week this occurred the same student and his five ran into one of the students whom beat him. A discussion broke out and one white student went to his vehicale and got his gun. the black student fought back and wrestled the gun away. The six Afican American boys managed to get the gun from them and take it to the police. Later, the were accused of stealing the gun, but the opposing student who originally had the gun was not charged. Later, in December 2006, the white students were taughting the African American students with racial slurs and verbally supporting the nooses. This caused the African American students to attack back and as a result one of the opposing boys were taken to the hospital, but later realeased. Upon release no broken bones nor any bruises were recorded. Justin Barker,He was released the same day and he attended a social event the same evening. Now six of the African American boys are being charged for second degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, which is irrelevant. Find it within yourself to understand the following: (1) No one was injured at all, (2) Both Africatn American and the opposing studnts had fought, but onlu the African American students were charged. (This is not Right and is an at of discrimination). (3) The information collected is not enough Proof of evidence on these 6 boys.(4) It\'s not fair or equal and they have gone overboard with this situation, (5) We as a society should follow the true statement, If you don\'t stand up for something, you will fall for anything. Questions: (6) The African American boys had enough respect to ask if they could sit under this tree, before they even attempted to so so. Therefore, Why are they in trouble with the law (7) Why didn\'t the opposing boys get any charges (anotheract of descrimination) (8) Eveyone shoild ask themselves "What actual harm or crime did they really do (9) Why are the bonds for the Afican American extremely high and why are their sentences so long (10) Why did the superintendent change the opposing from being expelled to a three-day supension He had the nerve to say that Adolescents sometimes play pranks. This was never meant to be a prank, because all of these things that occurred doesn\'t add up at all. Futhermore, justice needs to be served, because these six African American Teens only stood up themselves. They didn\'t commit any crime nor cause any wrong doing. The teens must receive fair justice, so they can regain a peace of mind. Your support, understanding, effort, and questioning is apprcciated. Thank you.


Everyone and to whom it may concern



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    Douglas Power, United States

    7 years ago
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    likkia lyons, United States

    8 years ago Comments: this is an outrage. what our fathers fought for in the past has not been in vain it is now a time for the generations of our black families to do the right thing. stop fighting amongst ourselves. lets stop killing one anothe and take some responsiblility for what is going on in todays society. this is not just a cause for blacks in america, but the country as a whole. there is only one race the human race. come on people lets get it toghether. we all have to fight for injustice.
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    Kimberly Blade, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Whites and blacks along with other races are talking about this some with knowledgw to what has happened and a lot of them with no knowledge except they believe it about race. I say that it's not about race but about equal justice to all. We were taught in grade school quote"this land is our land" to us(meaning black students) then that it was true and this country is a freedom of speech but it not so when it comes to the law that they(white men) wrote. I believe in justice for all and that the charges against those young black men should be dropped and that DA should be dibared by the Supreme Court.
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