An Open Letter to President Obama

The following is an open letter to President Obama intended as a request by the undersigned for Mr. Obama to recognize his 6 month in office by taking responsibility for his own agenda, actions and policies rather than endlessly blaming his predecessor. People are encouraged to sign. It will be forwarded to the White House. Dear Mr. President, Congratulations on completing your first six months in office. We can all agree it is a huge undertaking and every President is entitled to a "honeymoon"spared from much negativity at the hands of the public and the press. We hope you enjoyed yours, President Obama, because it is over. It's time. It's time to take off the training wheels. It's time to step into the spotlight- alone- and discard the large "The Buck Stopped with Bush"sign behind which you've become so accustomed to hiding. It's time to join the rest of the world in recognizing that the buck now stops with Back. We know its scary-not to have your predecessor as a shield any longer. Try to see this in a positive light. You don't have to share credit with him for federal successes either. We also realize that it will not be easy to stop pointing to President Bush's spending record to rationalize your own. Nonetheless, we expect you to "man up". If we can acknowledge that there were flaws in the handling of the economy under Bush, then you can acknowledge now that a significant part of Bush spending was in direct response to all the massive aftermath of 9/11, conducting two wars, and in responding to the needs of the huge and incredibly expensive natural disaster Hurricane Katrina. You can admit now that a large part of Bush's spending was unavoidable in maintaining entitlements put into place by your Democrat idol, FDR, and to recognize that the gigantic wave of baby boomers first came into need of these entitlements under Bush. No one will think less of you if you recognize that George Bush's discretionary spending was comparatively low and that his growth of government was quite small as compared to your own unparalleled plans for the expansion of government in size and power. Mr. President, we ask you to stand courageously behind you own actions. We know how difficult it will be for you stop saying that you inherited the "worst economic situation since the great depression", but you own the office now, sir, and it is high time you own the truth. The American people can face the truth. We can see that the economy post 9/11 was amazingly stable for more than seven years. We can see that the sudden, pre-election meltdown of that economy was a godsend for your campaign. We all know that when an economy looks bad the opposing Party is always elected. We're not naive, Mr. President, nor are we idiots. It is obvious to us that so many of your trusted advisors, associates and supporters- people now openly on your team- were in positions to have a profound impact on all the factors that created that oh-so-very-fortuitous meltdown. It was your supporters who orchestrated the destruction of the housing market. It was your people and Democrats like Timothy Geithner, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, who working in Bush era Treasury and Federal Reserve areas and in other areas of the government who's actions and decisions exacerbated the credit crisis, the housing crisis and the economic crisis in general. You like to point to the original TARP as further rationalization for your behemoth stimulus activity, saying that it was "Bush who started ". Isn't it time to take responsibility for the fact that a large portion of that original TARP has been disastrously realized and implemented by YOUR people, providing you with your first "usable crisis" Bush is the past. It is time for you to embrace the lone limelight. From here on, its all you. The Buck Stops with Barack.


This Open Letter/Petition was written by the editorial staff of The Cool Conservative web magazine.


The Cool Conservative web magazine is an intelligence and opinion depot for the savvy conservative offering sharp satire and incisive editorials.


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