The Wrongful Death of Frank Busbey

The Police in Florida have gone beyond fixing traffic tickets. Mr. Frank J Busbey personally known to many in Florida, was killed in his home and the home was robbed. The Police have knowledge of both crimes. Due to their neglect and due to personal political connections.......No early investigation was conducted. In fact the Death became a cover-up by photo alterations and misuse of a deceased persons body. The friends and family want the FBI to get involved. No one should be disrespected by police cover-ups. We want justice. The gun shot behind a left handed man's right ear was witnessed and there is a photo. The funeral find has a stuffing and a skin graft over the bullet hole. THE POLICE REPORT SAID HE KILLED HIMSELF BY SHOOTING HIMSELF IN THE MOUTH> So they fixed a murder. The Police have photos abuseing the man's body. A true story. No newspaper coverage. His family in full unaware of the death. He was a man who served his country and received no military taps....the funeral was rushed by a forged will. A will not completed by the deceased. It is believed he was killed by the greed of another due to an unfinished will. Please sign this petition to get the FBI to study the photos, which will clearly show thedeciet of public office officials. NO ONE IS SAFE................MAKE A STAND AGAINST FIXED POLICE RECORDS AND ALTERATIONS TO CRIME SCENES! MEDICAL EXCAMINER FRUAD> WHO IS WRITING THE REPORTS BEING SIGNED!



  • Laureen Deerr Mr. Busbey was murdered and his killer is known. Robbery the motive.
    The same person worked for Junior Kelly in 2007. Robbey at his home was also motive. The back window of his house was broken from the inside out. This was not a home invassion Junior Kelly was set up after he sold his cattle. The same people are responsible I believe.

  • America Gordon I was at the estate sale yesterday of Mr. Busbey. All I can say is I want justice for this senior, I know how small town politics operate. If anyone from Mr. Busbey's family has a second to email me, I would like to help if I can. America Gordon

  • Sheila Royster justice please

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