the reinstatement of suction dredging in california

the karuik indians,radical enviromentalists and the us forest service have declared war on suction dredging in the state of california by banning this activity in the state of california, as we all know millions of dollars are being wasted and precious court time squandered to please enviromental obsurdities and false claims that suction dredging in rivers and streams isdetremental to the health of our rivers and streams, which by all studies done to date have proven that enviromental issues with suction dredging are no more detremental than winter rains and enviromental/indian/usfsclaimsare falselyexaggeratedand unvalid on every level of rational thought. this has become a war on funding, the side with the most will win, but it doesnt have to be this way, by signing this petition you are voicing your outrage at the ban on this activity ,the waste of public and private dollars spent on its legal fight and the financial crush it has caused the industry, services and people that support suction dredge mining. not to mention the continued violations against our constatutional rights as americans to use public lands . this will be our voice to the law makers of this state that there are many of us and in large enough numbers and weve had enough, this has gone on for far to long and we demand immediate reinstatement of our right to suction dredge in the state of california and that no further money be wasted or court time squandered on this subject. we the people demand this and want action now.



  • William Clary right on.

  • Dana M Clark It has been far too long overdue to re-allow permit controlled suction dredge mining and related business to be reinstated in CA. NOW!!!

    Scientific research studies have shown and proven that the Karuik indian complaints,radical environmental groups and the USFS are absolutely wrong in their determinations that permitted suction dredging is or has ever been detrimental to the environment and wildlife and causes danger or toxicity to streams or rivers for people or wildlife.

    And proven that it actually removes toxic mercury and lead and is actually benificial in spreading and loosening of sand and gravel to/for spawning salmon and fish areas.

    It is high time to put an end to these and this radical,unproven,unwarranted, exaggerated battle and costly and needless litigation and legislation and trying to take away our American constitutional rights and fair,legal, use of public use land in CA...

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