The Marquis Law

I would like to start a petition for a new law strictly for law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are the people we expect to protect and serve the people in times of need. These officers of the law are sworn in to protect and serve with a promised oath. Whenever a cop is caught fabricating a police report, there are no real penalties, except loss of job and possible fine. Many of these officers that are caught lying or fabricating a police report, usually have some years on the police force. I would to start a petition for much severe punishement for officers of the law who were proven to fabric any story. I personally think a police officer who is caught fabricating police reports, for any reason, should automatically have to serve a term of no less than sixty months (5 years). One reason I chose 5 years is because I think its a more than fair number for a person who is caught lying or fabricating a police report on a pedestrian. The main reason I chose sixty months, is the simple fact that the officer who turns out to be a liar, could have possibly ruined many people lives with only their word and the victim having no proof they didn't commit certain crimes. So I would like to go after 2 million signatures, because I believe many people would agree. If 2 million is not enough with the population of this country, we could go after 5 million signatures if needed. I would like this law to be called " The Marquis Law".



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    2 years ago Comments: I really love this glsmipe into your workshop! How very inspiring! The pink and greys are beautiful too! I use my computer as a tool for most of my creative work, so for me it's extra important to keep it beautiful, simple and somewhat organised. I use the app Evernote to store my clippings of text and images. On my desk I always keep a few beautiful items that inspire me.
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