Release "The Black Dahlia" director's cut

Here is the thing : "Brian De Palma's initial cut ran at roughly three hours and was a faithful adaptation of the book, with more time dedicated to Bucky's psychological breakdown during the investigation and his obsession with avenging the Dahlia. James Ellroy was shown a print of this version and wrote an essay praising it; entitled 'The Hillikers', it was published in re-issued prints of the novel which were released before the film premiered. In the interim between Ellroy's having seen the director's cut and the publication of his essay, the film was significantly edited. After seeing the theatrical cut, Ellroy refused to comment on it" I, along with many others, believe 'The Black Dahlia' to be a great film in its original form. The theatrical cut has solid acting and great cinematography. But the storyline has a lot of flaws. So, please sign this petition if you also wish the makers of "The Black Dahlia" to release the original director's cut of the film on DVD and Blu-ray.



  • Christopher Boker To anyone who reads this comment:

    The director's cut 3 hour version or whatever needs to be released. If the author of The Black Dahlia, James Ellroy, loved the 3 hour film adaptation praises it, and is so moved by it, that he writes an essay, that's the version that should be released.

    Also, James Ellroy has very high standards, so if he loved the 3 hour version so much, it must be an amazing version, and that's the version I want to see.

    It should have been as amazing as L.A. Confidential, another film adapted from James Ellroy's book. The film version of L.A. Confidential was highly praised, very good, was nominated for several Academy Awards/Oscars, was nominated for Best Picture, but lost, but won other Oscars.

    That's the kind of quality I believe exists in the 3 hour version of The Black Dahlia.

    Also,I want to sidetrack for a moment. Another reason for me wanting to see the 3 hour version is because I am a huge James Ellroy fan. My first novel I read by him was called White Jazz, and after that I became a huge fan of James Ellroy, kept reading his other works, and have gotten and read all his books to date. More importantly, though, because I loved White Jazz so much, I developed a love for reading, which I never had before. I love reading now, I'm proud of it, I thank James Ellroy for that, and if it wasn't for James Ellroy, I wouldn't have that trait or love.

    So it is beneficial to everyone, meaning more money since people will see the good 3 hour version over the theatrical cut if it is good, which I believe the 3 hour version is very good.

    Lastly, to anyone who reads this and is part of this petition, tell:

    family, friends, fans of The Black Dahlia theatrical cut the people who liked it, people who were disappointed and/or didn't like disliked the theatrical cut, fans of the novel The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, fans of James Ellroy in general, fans of other of James Ellroy's film adaptations, fans of Brian DePalma that either liked or didn't like the theatrical cut, fans/people interested in the real Black Dahlia/Elizabeth Short murder, try to tell inform James Ellroy himself

    Just spread the word around to anyone and everyone you can.

    give them the link

    Tell them about this, and tell them about this petition, the 3 hour version. I really hope/prays this version gets released. Thank you.

    Christopher Boker

  • pete would love to see this

  • alexander simmons I thought this movie was pretty great. I'd love to see the 3 hour cut people have been talking about.

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    4 months ago Comments: I thought this movie was pretty great. I'd love to see the 3 hour cut people have been talking about.
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