THANK YOU Mr Conboy!

Dear Mr Conboy: The end of the football season reaches a climax with the playing of the \"Super Bowl\" between the champions of the American and National League. Before the game begins there is the ceremonial tossing of the coin and the team that wins the toss can elect to receive or defend. Using that symbolically the old regime at Guiding Light tossed the coin on Friday, July 26, 2002, and left the Bradley Cole fans losers and devastated. And on May 2, 2003, your tossing of the coin has made us winners and elated. Thus deriving from that saying there\'s two sides to every coin or every story. With in the period of a little over 9 months, the fans of Bradley\'s have gone from losers and devastation to winners and elation Thanks to you. Mr. Conboy the mere words \"Thank You\" seems so small and insignificant but that is all we have to offer you. But if you would magnify those words a million times over it still would not be enough to express our gratitude. We the fan\'s of Bradley Cole are beside ourselves with joy at the prospect of him returning to Guiding Light. We have missed this talented actor and we are eternally grateful to you for having made this decision. We all knew what a magnificent judge of talent you were by the great success of Capital and we had been hoping and praying that in viewing past tapes or shows or whatever of Guiding Light that you would see Bradley\'s and somehow bring him back to Guiding Light. Our prayer\'s have been answered. You have such a tremendous amount of talent on Guiding Light and Bradley Cole being the quintessential actor that he is, only adds a positive ingredient to that mix. We know that your main objective is to make Guiding Light the number one soap for the viewing public and we realize that this is a monumental task but I know, your having accepted this position, that you will do everything in your power to accomplish this task. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the fact that had you not accepted the job as Executive Producer of Guiding Light our Bradley would not be returning. We thank God for your decision to take the job and for bringing back Bradley. For many of us the light had been taken out of Guiding Light when Bradley left. Thank you for putting the light back into Guiding Light for his fan\'s. From the bottom of our hearts we \"Thank You\" Bradley\'s been gone too long and we have missed him terribly. We wish you the very best with Guiding Light and may the ratings soar with his return. We heard that you had surgery recently, we trust that you are well on the road to a complete recovery and wish you God speed, Good Health, and Good Luck! Signed


Bradley\'s HT Board


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    opvnj rdkyfjhlu opvnj rdkyfjhlu, United States

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    Comments: skzyme hfajsebqx azckn lairjk xnhismz alwmsdkv ouydviws
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    Julie S, United States

    12 years ago State: FL
    Country: US
    Comments: Thanks for listening to the GL fans and finding a way to bring Bradley Cole back to the show. I have been a GL fan for over 30 years, and I enjoyed his Richard character more than any other male character on the show. Please continue to listen to the feedback from the fans. Thanks!
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    Louise Gilmore, United States

    12 years ago State: CO
    Country: US
    Comments: Mr. Conboy if you believe these sick psychotic people then not only them but you are delusional. The return of BC is the worst thing you could possibly do.
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