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I dont know why but every time we hear of a new transformers game it always ends up being on the later series, i bet every transformers fan would like and buy a generation 1 game for xbox 360 pc ps3 etc, me personally i would love to see a game on the transformers animated movie from 1986, even an xbox arcade title would be welcomed. This would be a bit big hit, for such a popular tv show and toy line i can't believe it had'nt been done properly, i know Japan had Transformers Takara but why was'nt this given a Euro and Usa release? Cmon Atari or whoever holds the transformers license give us a G1 game old and new fans will enjoy.


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    Tyler Hudson, United States

    5 years ago Comments: All Hail Lord Megatron!
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    javier, United States

    5 years ago Comments: a must buy, a great story would make it even greater
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    michael massaline, United States

    5 years ago Comments: The game can be an action RPG with party elements relative to KOTOR. Merge bots such as Technobots, stuntacons, protectobots, aerialbots, combatacons, predacons etc. should all be included in a vast expansive game across the G1 transformer universe. Travel to other worlds such as, char, junkion, earth, cybertron, quintessa, dinobot island and the place the headmasters were made(cant think of the name) should also be explorable. Energon replishes health and parts and sparks from defeated foes can be used for upgrades to ablities armor and weapons. obviously this would have to be a grand blockbuster series game in 3 or more parts(halo)...its jus so much to conceive in the transformer world 1 game is not enough and if any franchise is set up to succeed with time and great development its the big bad bots from cybertron. Do us a favor and make it happen activision, seriously the bots have been around since the 80's, 1 game is not enough 2 games is not enough....How many games have mario had???

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