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Give all TF2 Classes a Taunt Kill

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I have an idea, and not quite sure how it would balance, however I now think all classes should have a taunt kill. Why 1. Because they are so damn funny! 2. Because they are fairly hard to use often. 3. Gives people the chance to survive humilation, without rewarding them with weapons. 1. Is obvious. I never fail to laugh at a Taunt Kill. 2. Because they are hard to get a kill with, and everybody has one, we will see them being used more yet not striking successful hits all the time. 3. Its been somewhat of a thin debate in this forum wether people in humilation should have any reward or chance of survival. On one hand they lost and should die as such, yet on the other, to some it only seems fair to allow defenceless players to have some form of resistance in them, against an oncoming humilation onslaught. Personally I am all for every class to have a taunt kill, aslong as it does fit the class, and intergrate with the class, without being overpowered. Thats my thoughts on taunt kills, what are yours Please feel free to just sign, if you agree. My steam forum thread can be found here: Thankyou




  • 7 years ago
    Double-D United Kingdom
    7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    Midg3y Australia
    7 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Louie United States
    8 years ago

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