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    frfqzwu, Germany

    2 years ago Comments: EzRUiN jlqjzpukkmaa
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    Lovely, Syrian Arab Republic

    2 years ago Comments: Surely your manifesto has to be based upon more than pttvarisaiion? Whilst it is obviously a point to consider it is so far down the list of things that you must be aware of when running a police service.I am also a bit lost with your reply above. Aside from profit margins what, exactly, do you think is the difference between a member of police staff and someone working for a private company? There are no warranted powers involved in answering the telephones. On what evidence do you base your concern that the Inspector would not provide oversight? In reality the phones are answered in a call handling centre and the Inspector sits within a control room. Two entirely separate units (and often buildings). The information is passed through a computer system to the control room to individuals (mostly police staff) but the Inspector has specific incidents flagged up to them.Again, I am neither advocating or condoning pttvarisaiion however there are currently many roles and departments that are entirely police staff run (as in not warranted officers). You current philosophy appears to be based upon I've spoken to people and they don't want it there must be more evidence and investigation to really make such a decision.Take a custody suite, for example. By law you require a custody sergeant/officer to authorise detention etc and there must be an Inspector available to authorise other items but does the building need to be police owned? Do the detention officers need to be employed by police directly? Would the buying power be greater from a corporation than the police? You say that you don't want G4S transporting prisoners around the county. Private companies already do this and have done for years. If a person is charged and remanded they are taken to court by a private company. Likewise any future court visits whilst in custody or transfers between prisons.If a private company is to take over forensics who do you think will take over the work? It will be the scenes of crime officers transferring from the jobs that they have just lost. There is already considerable financial consideration taken in to account when it comes to forensics.You must, must, must have more substance to what you are offering to sensibly be considered for such an important role. At the moment you sound like someone who would like to do the role but really have little idea of what it entails.
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    Howdy, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for hagnnig out here.
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