Tennis Lessons for Bridgeland residents

Bridgeland Tennis courts are highly utilized. In order to free up the courts, HOA has implemented a haphazard policy. As per policy, a resident MUST take tennis lessons only from HOA designated tennis coach, or not use Bridgeland Tennis residents. Further, a parent/neighbor can coach bridgeland residents but professional tennis lessons, where a parent does not know tennis, are disallowed.

We believe that this announcement stifles competition amongst coaches, forces Bridgeland residents to play substandard tennis and dissuades an active lifestyle. If needed, we need Bridgeland HOA to build more facilities for our growing community, rather than make it difficult for residents to use facilities.

We petition Bridgeland HOA to rethink this policy and allow Bridgeland residents to play tennis and get coached from whichever coach suits them.


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