Ban in Tennessee

A poisonous epidemic is spreading across our great state at an alarming rate. It's adversely affecting our communities, but more importantly, our youth is suffering. In this instance, evil is rearing its ugly head in the form of a website called On this website, anonymous posters are allowed to spew all manner of false slander against any individual they choose without any moderation or consequence. Posters are blatantly listing full names, places of employment, husbands, wives, children, addresses, phone numbers…the list goes on and privacy goes out the window. Sadly, as typically becomes the case, the venom is spilling over onto our children. Parents are literally having to log onto the website in defense of their minor children, some of whom are being verbally harassed by ADULTS. It is morally wrong that any adult be allowed to attack a child on a public forum. There are laws in place to protect our children against such types of harassment in the real world, so then shouldn’t those laws extend onto the internet, as well? The website’s forum is divided up by town, but what may have begun as a community forum has turned into malicious gossip of the worst kind, most of it completely fabricated. Children are anonymously attacking other children, starting rumors, calling names…adults are attacking other adults, slinging accusations of drug abuse, neglect, adultery…and worst of all, adults are attacking the children. Where will it all end? Our children are in turmoil from the lies and hatefulness spread on this website. Bear in mind they have to attend school under the weight of whatever their anonymous peers chose to say about them on the forum the day before. How far will it have to go before people sit up and take notice? Please don’t let this continue. Help us boycott this website so no one else has to suffer. We have volunteers who will present this petition before state legislature. Let your name be counted among those who stood up for what’s right. Let’s fight for the friendly, small-town atmosphere we love so much by speaking out to save our communities.


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    Blake Wiles, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Topix is a horrific site that is getting worse.
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    Tim Brooks, United States

    4 years ago Comments: We need some help in TN! Topix is destroying us.
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    Thomas Whitehorn, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Topix cost me my job. Someone posted something horrible about me that was untrue, several people saw it and my employer let me go stating "his company didn't need any bad publicity whether it was true or not."
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