Temple Lounge Canary Wharf Petition to retain our Umbrella

Temple Lounge have recently been refused a planning application to retain our second umbrella on the grounds of its size and design that it does not compliment the Grade 1 listed building that it is near. We believe that we are being unfairly targeted as anyone walking along the West India Quayside will see that all the operators have 'Jumbrella's', most of whom do not have planning but we are the only ones facing persecution from enforcement officers.

By virtue of the length of time (over 4 years) the first Jumbrella has been present on the Quayside, planning officers conceded that we would not require planning on this as it is lawful development and dropped the enforcement on it. This is the Jumbrella closest to the building. However, they continue to seek the removal of the second Jumbrella, which is further away from the building. The removal of this Jumbrella would make our business not viable at this site with the high levels of rent etc.

To assist our appeal we urge everyone who believes that the second Jumbrella does not adversely affect the Grade 1 listed building, from its size or design, and it is not out of keeping with the Quayside, and if anything enhances the area.

Thanking You


  • JC The umbrellas aren't bothering anyone and this business is presumably helping pay for our friendly council's salaries. The last thing this economy requires is bureaucrats interfering in a business that is (a) creating no disturbance, (b)employing staff and (c) adding value to the economy. The fact that this guy is not on the public dole should be applauded, particularly as he is brining life to an otherwise dead area..

  • Conny Bureaucracy at its worst again. No need to kill a business because of some umbrellas that display good aesthetics and offend nobody. It looks very neat and inviting. This restaurant is the only lively and buzzing place on West India Quay where restaurants and bars shut down or restructure all the time because it's hard to make a living in that problematic location, which comes to life really only on warm summer days. These restaurants need all the support they can get from city hall to make it a viable area. This umbrella issue is laughable.

  • Sharan Keep Temple open... It's our second home!!!!

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