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Contrary to all common sense, the US government and in particular Janet Yellen and the people employed by the Federal Reserve would like to have us all believe that inflation is somehow good for the US economy and the American people. I challenge you right now, to name 1 thing you would rather pay more for in the future. No matter how they arrived at this conclusion, it is entirely false. They argue (see link from NYTimes, May 15, 2014), that "Higher inflation is generally a sign of rising consumer demand." IT IS NOT. It is a sign of rising prices. Furthermore, the FED has a "target" of 2% inflation for us for now, and I have to ask: How is that better than 1% inflation? Or 0.3% inflation? It is not. In their defense, they claim people would rather wait a year to save 1-2% on the depreciation of the product if prices were stable. The people in charge believe stable, or even worse, falling prices would cause us to stop buying stuff. I implore you, leave the FED a comment, and tell them their ideas of how things work are wrong, and to stop devaluing US money. Simply ask them how inflation could possibly be good for you and me; I bet you won't get a meaningful reply.

NY Times article entitled "Rise in producer prices suggests HealthierInflation"

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  • Anonymous No inflation

  • Francisco Ravelo Audit the FED !

  • Michael Page Please describe in detail, how you believe inflation could be good for the economy and the American people.

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