Tell Hilton Hotels to Go 100% Shark Fin Free

In the west you won’t find shark fin soup on Hilton Hotels’ restaurant menus. However their Vice President of Corporate Responsibility has admitted that it is being sold to customers who request it at their Hotels in the Far East. Hilton Hotels recognise that there is a serious issue with shark fin soup, which is why they no longer publish it on their menus. But they should take one final step and ban it completely from their restaurants.

Please sign this petition and tell Hilton Hotels that you want them to go 100% shark fin free.

More information at Stop Shark Finning.


Stop Shark Finning


More information at the Stop Shark Finning website.

Article published in July 2012.


  • Critha Franse the world is finally realizing how barbaric it is to serve shark fin soup! Get in the modern century!!!

  • Ali Scarborough damnit, accidentally upvoted. oh well, that sounds SOOOO GOOD!

  • Turndown For What Shut your whore mouth!!!! That ish is delicious!!!

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    Andrew Sharpe

    1 week ago Comments: Shark finning is a horrific and brutal practice used on sharks that is now threatening their existence. Practices such as serving shark fin soup are not only inhumane and unethical for supporting such a cruel industry towards sharks (ie. the shark fin industry cuts shark's fins and leaves sharks suffocating until death) though also for supporting an industry driving sharks towards extinction. For these reasons, I urge your hotel to immediately and unconditionally stop serving shark fin soup.
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    Graciela López

    3 weeks ago Comments: Shark fin does taste NOTHING, it is all the additives and extra flavours they put in the soup that makes it "tasty"... it is eccentricity and stupidity of all kind
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