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Save 6,000 teenage lives every year!

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35,000+ teens are involved in auto wrecks every year. That equals one teenager crashing a car every 15 minutes. 20% of them will die, that\'s 6,000 teens, 40% of them will have critical injuries, that\'s 12,000. This can be stopped. Webster defines juvenile as -incomplete developement, characteristic of children; - so why are children driving deadly vehicles For the safety of everyone on the road (and off) children should not be driving vehicles on public roads where they can injure themselves and others. I am the victim of a teen driver who was screwing around, driving at over 100mph...he literally ran me over while I was sitting in OUR BACKYARD,killed our dog and blew a hole in the side of our house that a deer could walk through. This is all caught on tape, thanks to the passenger.This is a different time, this is a different world; It is time for change, public safety is as big of an issue as ever. Sixteen year olds are children,(ask any parent) and yet socially we give them privledges of an adult. They\'re too busy talking on the cell phone or even worse- text messaging, watching videos,and just plain screwing around. The government does not recognize them as adults - they cannot enter into any legal contracts, they cannot go to war, and they cannot vote. The legal driving age should be changed to 18


june 20,2006.I was sitting in OUR BACKYARD with our dogs enjoying the day. A 16 yr old,David,and his 17 yr old friend,Andrew,were bored. So they jumped in David\'s car(that his father bought him) and went on a high-speed joy ride. David had his license 3 wks, Andrew doesn\'t have one at all. Andrew filmed the ride,(all the while encouraging David)with the speedometer showing speeds over 105mph.David lost control, blew a stop sign, tore out 65ft of chain link fence and did massive damage to me(medflight to hosp and now permanent injuries),killed our dog, and damaged the house. Their reply when the judge asked \"What were you thinking\" \" I dunno\" was it.


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