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Hamilton County has plans to put in horseback riding trails adjacent to and touching a wetland that is owned and operated by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. This specific wetland is where scientists, conservationists, educators and students have conducted research on amphibians for the better part of a decade. Amphibian populations are declining worldwide and the southeastern United States is no exception. This particular wetland is home to 40 species of amphibians and reptiles and it is one of the last strong holds for pond breeding amphibians in the area. There are a number of increasing threats to amphibians and some of these include ranavirus, chytrid fungus and the introduction of invasive species of plants. All of these are easily spread between locations by human activity. The encroachment in to the buffer zone around this wetland opens it up to these and future impacts. If such activity is left unmitigated it would impact the landscape and degrade water quality further. If these issues go unchecked and unchallenged they are certain to have a detrimental effect on the important and delicate organisms that inhabit this wetland. Sign this petition to say that you OPPOSE PLANS TO PUT IN NEW HORSE BACK RIDING TRAILS AT ENTERPRISE SOUTH.


  • Lisa Powers While I recognize the importance of having places for trail riders (I am a horse lover), it is more important to protectt\ the valuable wetlands and ongoing research that occurs in these wetlands without the added disturbance and destruction these trails would cause.

  • Thomas Wilson Amphibians are the fastest declining terrestrial vertebrate taxa and habitat alteration is a leading cause for such declines. We really need to keep the common species common.

  • Paul-Erik Bakland Here is a link to the article about the proposed trails. If any of you are able to go to these meetings and voice your opinion, I believe that could go a long way in convincing the powers that be to reconsider.

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