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"Blue" a pitbull was shot by the Derby police department and is wrongly being deemed "vicious" for just simply being a pitbull and loose from her yard. She needs help being saved from being euthanized so that she can go back to her family where she is a family pet and deeply loved!

"Nukka," a Husky, needs your help! She got loose from her yard & attacked a cat, which is very natural for this breed to do since they have a strong prey drive and she wasn't being vicious towards people, according to the reports. She is being wrongly accused of being vicious & she needs your help. Please help save her life by signing this petition!!


  • Kim Wilferling I think the police should be investgated for wrong doing and punished like a regular citizens and lose their job. They are not above the law.

  • Ali Mendoza I agree with you, I think that they should be held responsible this was not right at all, and these babies need to go back home to their owners

  • Alissia smith Praying for recovery & safe return home. Where she belongs.

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    Gehan Kennedy, United States

    3 weeks ago Comments: mother fuckers. I'm so sick of cops. Do you damn jobs, STOP drug dealers, STOP rapist, STO MURDERERS, STOP child abusers, STOP drunk drivers. Wtf??
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    1 month ago Comments: pleading you to save blue for her babies and her owner
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    Heather leach

    1 month ago Comments: -
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