Tamsin/Bo for Season 5 of Lost Girl

Lauren? Dyson? The continuation of this love circle? How about...NOPE.
Tamsin and Bo need to get it on and make Valkubus fully canon, the love triangle has gone on for 4 seasons now and we would like to see our main heroine with someone new, mainly a certain valkyrie.
Sign this petition, put it in your FanFic, reblog it, share it on Twitter, get it in front of the Lost Girl team! Let's aim for 500 signatures before the start of season 5!


  • Amiable very curious to see how their relationship plays out next season. This relationship has the greatest potential out of all the other relationships:)

  • Chelsea Valkubus for life

  • Anonymous Valkubus, please. :D

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    2 weeks ago Comments: Lauren is annoying and can't be on par with Bo. I would prefer Dyson but I want Tamsin to be end game! Tamsin is a warrior, passionate, strong, and offsets BO perfectly! I don't want to see her heartbroken, I'd rather her die before Bo could turn her down.
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    3 weeks ago Comments: Bo & Tamsin must get together! I know hundreds of others who agree with this!
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    3 weeks ago Comments: -
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