Talon Revoked From Makoatls - Ban Issue

I Doodles, have taken it into action to make a petition to have .Talon removed from Makoatls in general. For the unity of the people, considering she is one of the key factors (including myself at times) of unhappiness in the community. I know some of you are afraid of it, but even so step out of the shadows please.

if enough people, or even more than a few people wish that to happen. I'd be sad to, but if it means the species will become a tighter, more functional and more happy community, then that's honestly my job as a staff member to supply - Chim

Alright, so it has been said that the supply will be offered if the demand is there. Thus: I have started a petition to have Talon removed from the Makoatl community (and hopefully kiamara community if the demand is high enough)

She wouldn't necessarily be banned, but the suggestion (by chim) would be of Talon stepping down from the species, in theory we can hope talon would comply for the unity of the community.
Please valid signing's only. ^^


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