The Old Town Hall in Paris, Ontario, is up for sale. As sad as it seems we need your support to `Save The Hall From The Wrecking Ball`. Talk Of The Town Productions, headed by Deano Wilson-Rouse is putting forth this petition to get as many names as possible to take to council chambers on January 6th 2009.We are hoping that council can intervene and keep that majestic old building as an art centre with space that could benefit many creative groups. We ask for your signature as support for a wonderful historic building and for the arts themselves. Thank you.


Talk Of The Town Productions is a not for profit theatre group that promotes local artists of all creative ventures. Please view our website for our mission statement and news on our past, present and future shows. Including links to our childrens programmes.


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    Michael Oakley, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: What a fantastic building, I have a hard time seeing how a town could even consider taking something like this down. Arts, tourism, fine dining, chamber music,folk music, old style english pub, combination of the above , there are so many things that could be done with this building, and advertise it, advertise it, advertise it!!!! I,m living Manitoba and was looking for old buildings to buy when I stumbled across your petition. I am afraid it is out of my legue but good for you, don't let them take this building down, these are the kind of things that bring people to your town not to mention the history and heritage that would be lost, I wish we had more buildings like this in the west...start putting on concerts in the upper hall to raise funds, whaterver it takes, don't let them take this building down... I can't believe that ontario or federal Govt. would not get involved in saving this building. How about approaching some wealthy (famous artists) to help sponsor or even buy the building! (what an incredible place to make a recording studio) I know it takes money to make money, but what an incredible loss this will be if this building is torn down! Go to the media , CBC or CTV and let people know about this building nation wide....Wow All the best, I hope you are able to succeed! MIchael Oakley
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    Patrick Flannery, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: So much of Ontario's history has been steamrolled in the name of progress and profit. Keep Ontario's heritage alive. Great, Great, Great Grandson of Michael Fitzmaurice (1816-1872) Mason in Paris, Ontario.
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    Thomas Gonder, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: Entirely support the preservation and revitalization of this marvellous heritage building. There is NO reason to destroy it, and further the destruction of heritage and history...
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