Talega Residents for Fair Taxation

Recently, the CUSD Board of Trustees reduced its taxes and lower its debt by refinancing our Community Facilities District (Mello-Roos) bond. This resulted in a $17.4 million tax savings over 20 years which equates to $314 per affected property each year.

At the board's August 14th, 2013 meeting, the trustees voted to keep and spend our savings instead of reduce our property taxes, as originally promised. The same night, the same board voted to reduce taxes for Las Flores residents. Talega received no such reduction. This represents unfair taxation and unjust inequity for Talega residents.

We, the undersigned, advocate and demand that the board treat all taxpayers fairly. Like our CUSD neighbors in the Las Flores area, we too would like to realize our tax savings from the recent "Mello-Roos" bond refinance.


  • Raoul Jiura Big Surprise, in stead of passing along the reduction of property taxes to property owners, they voted to keep the savings, par for the course in the Liberal State of California.

  • Steve Johnson Stop treating all of us in Talega like we are your own open checkbook and cut us some slack !!!!

  • Laura Ferguson
    TALEGA RESIDENTS FOR FAIR TAXATION - Update from March 7, 2014 special CUSD Board meeting on Talega CFD 90-2 (2006 Resolution and Refinancing)

    MEETING SUMMARY: Board President John Alpay opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 7th, and then recused himself due to his real property interests as a Talega resident. Board Vice President Lynn Hatton-Hodson conducted the meeting. Trustee Hanacek made a motion which Trustee Hatton seconded and which supported the district dragging this issue out by hiring a law firm to do a legal audit before they consider reducing future tax levies and bring the issue back to the Board in August. Trustee Ellen Addonizio made a substitute motion to replace Trustee Hanacek's first motion. Trustee Addonizio's motion was for the Board to meet its bond indebtedness and return the excess taxes to the constituents of Talega CFD Area 90-2. Trustee Anna Bryson seconded Ellen's motion. The motion also included having the district staff and its legal counsel determine how much of the surplus taxes potentially could be returned to the taxpayers to ensure they aren't "jeopardizing the district." All but Trustee Hanacek supported this second and final motion. Though she initially hoped to abstain from voting, she was reminded that abstaining means an affirmative or YES vote, so she chose to go on the record as a NO vote, which to us demonstrates her desire to have Talega continuing paying 28% in excess taxes.

    What this means: We made progress. We are not done. We will need to return to a Board meeting (May) where the Board will consider staff's analysis on the percentage of surplus taxes that could be returned to taxpayers---currently CUSD is collecting 28% more in taxes from Talega than what is required to service the bond debt. The Board would need to take action and vote on this. Let's hope there are no more surprises. The district staff will conduct its assigned work on the surplus Mello-Roos tax analysis for the Board consideration. The superintendent said this should conclude by the end of April 2014 and we can return in May for the Board consideration.

    INTERESTING FACT: Did you know that Talega residents represent 14% of the entire San Clemente population, paying 25% of the tax burden, and 39% of the tax burden when we add in Mello-Roos taxes? An excellent point presented by Talega resident Susie Hattan last night.

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