Remove ebay sales of take that concert tickets

This is my own petition to help remove the sales of Take Thats beautiful uk tour in 2007 on ebay, the tour is a complete sell out, even though new dates were added. I have came accross many many true fans who cannot get hold of any due to the sell out. I have been on ebay and there seems to be hundreds of tickets for auction 10 times the price of the face value, these should be removed and given back to take that, as did Kylie last year. Its not fair on the real true fans, who love them, there music and help get them to were they are now, and because of these idiots these people were not lucky enough to get tickets!!! If you agree with what i am trying to get across please help us and sign!!!! Thank you so much to you all!! We will get this sorted!!!! Kim, Take That fan!!!!


Fans of take that across the uk

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    Rebecca, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I think its disguisting that this is allowed to go on. Not only for people trying to get TT tickets but all tickets for all different concerts. We are deeply upset that we didnt get our tickets and something should be done!!! GET IT SORTED!!!
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    timmerman, France

    7 years ago Comments: It's a shame. I wanted to buy ticket for Rage against the machine's show in Paris.. 1/2h after sales has opened, no more place available... only on ebay and very expansive !!
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    anthony ksiezniak, Germany

    7 years ago Comments: Please, remove this absurdity. 90% of the concert tickets are now on ebay, twice the price. this is unacceptable !
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