Plea to save the Taj Mahal

PETITION TO THE HONOURABLE PRESIDENT OF INDIA This is an attempt to save one of India\'s most magnificent architectural wonders - the Taj Mahal. The Taj Heritage Corridor was the brainchild of the former local government of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Corridor envisaged interconnection of the main monuments of Agra town - the Taj, Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daulah etc. It also involved creation of a large mall-like environment behind the Taj Mahal by reclaiming large parts of the Yamuna river bank. Shops, entertainment parks, you get the idea.Nobody stopped for a moment to wonder how this would affect the majestic monument. As most Indians already know, the work was stopped after a major scandal involving local and Central government as well the courts. However, a lot of damage has already been done.So much, that the very foundation of the Taj Mahal has been made vulnerable. The Mughal architects constructing the monument had embedded sal-wood planks in the foundation. Sal-wood nomally has a life-span of about 400 years, but this doubles when it is immersed in water.Hence the location of the Taj was chosen keeping in mind the Yamuna river\'s course. As the Taj stands, the river is supposed to hug its base so that the sal planks stay wet.If the river shifts course, the planks will dry up and the entire foundation will weaken.This may ultimately lead to the collapse of the monument. The work already carried out, will definitely lead to this. The Taj has withstood the vagaries of nature for 800 years, only to be put in grave danger now by people who are supposedly responsible for its protection. The government needs to take urgent steps to reverse the damage done to the river-bed, to ensure that the Taj Mahal survives for centuries to come. This is a petition to the honourable President of India who is highly respected in the country. It is hoped that he will not disappoint.My effort to get the Prime Minister\'s office to respond to emails have been unsuccessful. The text of the petition along with a list of signatures will be forwarded to him on his official email.A copy of the petition will also be sent by snail-mail. I urge people to come forward and sign this petition and also help publicise it among friends and colleagues. Email addresses and any other information volunteered will not be used for any other purpose. Thank you.


This petition is sponsored by Neha, an ordinary Indian who cares about the protection of the architectural heritage of India. She hopes to get as many like-minded people involved in this petition as she can.


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    Comments: Beautiful, Jamie it hardly looks like a paorogthph more like a fine painting with the overlays you used. I am intrigued by the waterway, right down the centre is a reflection of a tall thin pillar which is not to be seen anywhere else. Ha! I just worked it out . Lots of little uns with their reflections making it look like one. Of course!
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    Comments: Although asking the phgraotopher is the only way to be sure, I'd put my money on the use of a Circular Polariser and very low ISO for the second Taj Mahal shot instead of HDR. While both HDR and CPs can give greater intensity of colours, CPs tend to stop short of the unrealistic over-saturation commonly associated with HDR photos, however one giveaway for an image shot through a CP is the amount of contrast between the sharply defined clouds and the intensity of the blue sky equally in both the sky and the reflection. The only real downside to CPs is that you lose a stop or more of light, so they aren't as useful in lower light conditions, depending on the capabilities of your camera.Cheers,Scott
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