We, the undersigned victims of various forms of Electronic Warfare (who are known as Targeted Individuals (TI) worldwide), and our Supporters (Advocates & Activists), are collectively outraged & demand an end to our perpetual torture & harassment

These diabolical Electronic Weapons (EW) like HAARP, RFID, Chemtrails, Smart Dusts, Nano Technologies, & Drones which include Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and (V2K) among others, have been remotely deployed against us for many years and are beaming us into metastasizing sickness & even premature deaths! Also, these, PSYOPS & Information Operations (IO), with their potentially lethal neurological and psychological attacks explain many of our similar clinical symptoms and diagnoses which are caused by exposures to these Electromagnetic Radiations (EMP). 
We demand an immediate end to this pandemic! We hold all those sadistic shadow networks (NWO), Military Industrial Complex, Secret Services, e.g. CIA (Jackals), NSA, KGB, COINTELPRO and Organized Stalkers (OS) accountable. By writing you we hope that you would acknowledge our protest, aid in raising public awareness, initiate an investigation, and legally support our appeal for justice. These unconscionable travesties are the ultimate crimes against humanity and we are all at risk. Please address the outcries of all survivors in ending all forms of electronic genocide and menticide. We are pleading for your help to be unleashed from these atrocious Psychotronic shackles. Please do not allow secrecy to enslave civility.


Every Signature is Sacred. Free to Sign. Comments are Searchable! Objective: Ban Mind Control Warfare Mission: Awareness Campaign Goal: Grassroots Activism Thank You for Taking Action, Please Take Charge by Spreading the Word. Join us: Sponsor: or or


These are Open Facebook TI groups called:  TIs Support Group, TIs Legal Taskforce, Implanted TIs Group, India TIs, US TIs, Iran TIs, Canada TIs, Brazil TIs, Florida TIs, Texas TIs, NYC TIs, Miami TIs, Chicago TIs, Atlanta TIs, San Diego TIs, Media Team, TIs Action Network.  Also there are many other Groups & Pages.

A 2010 Documentary on YouTube reported that there are more than 500,000 Mind Control related Websites.!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1940.entry (Chinese/English Blog) 10pg

showpage&pid=21 ound_W.html (Russian) (Russian)


  • Ron Root This is the most sinister program to date and has to stop.
    It seems way too many people have use of this illegal software to torture and harass anyone they like. I demand as a American citizen that this stops immediately and the people responsible held for attempted murder .

  • matthew mitchell I am a victim of microwave torture and electro magnetic impulse torture 24/7 all day every day and they have even targeted my car and threatening to destroy my banking accounts. And going to set me up for crimes i didnt do like drugs and murder they tell me they are above the law. I was raised that know is above the law lets show them they are not i need your help if they do any of the things they say im screw my health is alread suffering from the microwave radiation and being tested for cancer and heart trouble from these terrible people thats playing god with my life nobody has that right to take a life or destroy a life made of lies i dont care if it is the nsa, cia or u.s gov and congress we can stop this but we need your help im a grandfather a dad and a friend to people that need me and not be murdered by these rogue agents for no reason because of there sick way of thinking. I wont leave this place with out a fight i wont sit on my ass feeling sorry for myself and the ones that do is a damn fool no disrespect meant but you got to respect your self. it will take every last one of us to speak out and not sit back while others do all the work for you. We are stronger in numbers thats when we will be heard and exposure is what we are after. So speak out against microwave torture against americans.

  • Enrique I've been a targeted individuls in san Francisco since 1995.

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